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    How I Tell Stories

    Most creators of Whiteboard Animation use the software the same, old way.  A hand is shown drawing an object and/or text -- images that couldn't be more obvious or more boring -- while a narrator intones the message.  By using Whiteboard Animation more like film, I'm able to tell stories through cinematic storytelling techniques.  There's a story in your product, service, cause or company.  Allow me to be your Spielberg!  (Sort of)

    Whiteboard Animation

    View a video or two that I made to bust a couple of myths about the Monkees. It was while making these that I learned how the software can be used more like film to tell a story.

    Sample Videos

     for Demo Video

    For ten years I worked as a freelance copywriter, writing marketing emails, PowerPoint presentations and scripts used for business to business telemarketing projects.  Some of the companies I worked for include a Cisco reseller, a Microsoft reseller, an international elevator company, insurance companies and several well-known industrial manufacturers. Plus, many small and medium sized business consultants.  So I wrote copy for companies that were "one man in his basement" to multi-national corporations. 

    "At Your Age!"

    And here's where I demonstrate my ability to tell a story in script form.  The pitch:

    “To her delight a 56-year-old woman discovers that for the first time in her life -- she’s pregnant -- to the dismay of her about-to-retire husband.  Her pregnancy uncovers the truth about Trevor’s first family, dredges up Jill’s past artistic failures, and makes her a media star, ultimately putting their marriage at risk.  But through the humor and the pathos and a last minute epiphany the story delivers a bittersweet ending you won’t see coming.”

    Here are some comments from a Hollywood reader:

    The script is a delightful read, with a heartwarming ending that packs an emotional punch. The mixture of grief and relief is an impressive feat. The writer shows a particular strength in crafting emotionally honest characters. There is a realism to this story that is stirring and engaging. The premise is very strong, an original concept that will have other writers scratching their head asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s also an easily saleable concept.

    To Clarksville and Back

    A Short Film

    How do you tell a story that takes place over 50 years, has four protagonists, is about a TV show, their personal lives and their relationships with each other?  Why, of course, you tell the story through their music.

    "To Clarksville and Back" is a treatment for a feature film about the Monkees.  Yep.  It's the musical biopic that will never be made.

    So I can tell a story told over two hours...

    But can I tell a short story that's just a few minutes long?

    This short film script is the answer.  Yes. I can!

    Terrorism, Russia back to its old Soviet tricks, and a border wall that forces people to find bizarre ways to cross the U.S./Canada border. 


    A man fights the teller of ‘fake news’ to save his dead wife’s reputation, only to discover the courage to face the truth about himself.


    In a story that could only take place in Niagara Falls, Slowly I Turn blends the terrifying realities of a near future with the conventions of the classic suspense film.


    Slowly I Turn
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