Not Dad's 8mm

Bored With Most               Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Are you sick of the hand drawing the expected image, no twist in the plot, no memorable ending? 


“Not Dad’s 8mm” will tell the story of your company, cause, product or service using the storytelling techniques of film.

Humorous or serious, a good story, well told, will sear your message into the minds of your audience. 

There are no rules

But you better follow them anyway.

                   Karen Welsh

See the  video for:
The Center for Arms Control

 for Demo Video

Includes: A story told with library images edited using a few cinematic storytelling tricks to make your short but sweet (or not) story memorable.  Professional male or female voice over, royalty free music, your logo, full HD, up to three revisions.

The Basics
60 seconds = $120.00 US

Each extra block of 30 seconds (or less) costs $60.00. 

Maximum length - 5 minutes = $600.00

Sweet spot is around 3 minutes to set up, flesh out, and conclude your story using cinematic storytelling techniques, such as setups and payoffs, a plot twist they won't see coming, and breaking the fourth wall, as well as dialogue and title cards (think silent films). 

(Note: 30 seconds equals approximately 60 words. 

Hint: Read the text at the rate you want the narration spoken and time yourself.)

Send me your narration and I'll send you a quote!

The Extras
Need more than 60 seconds to tell your story?
Need Help?
Is your narration a little rough?

​If you think your narration isn't quite "camera ready" I charge just $25.00 for a tweak.

Unless... it's more like "get me rewrite" or as they call it in the film biz a "page one rewrite" then the charge is $50.00 to $75.00, depending on the length.  I'll take what you've written, find the story, and craft the narration to make a mini-movie using whiteboard animation.  


​Not all of us can write the narration for a video.  You know your product, service, or your company's rags-to-riches story down to the minute details. Perhaps that's the problem. Too much knowledge!


I spent years slogging through tons of information about products and services from industrial chemicals to the servicing of vending machines in order to write the marketing emails and the PowerPoint Presentations designed to increase sales.

I can do it again. If you don't have the inclination or the time to write the narration I can take a look at your website and any other marketing materials you might have and then I'll write a draft of the narration. How does that sound? 

The cost? It depends. Negotiable.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada